Een soort van liefde (A Kind of Love, 2016)

My debut novel tells, in alternating chapters, two stories that slowly come together. On the one hand, there’s the story of Elisabeth, who had a difficult relationship with her father and who is faced with the task of cleaning out his house and selling his things after his death. On the other, there is the story of Anna, a young woman who many years ago had an affair with a man who was three times her age. A Kind of Love is a novel about the elusiveness of love, about how real and all-encompassing love can still fail and be incomplete, and about the gap that sometimes exists between reality and the way we love and feel loved.

* Translated to Polish

About A Kind of Love


‘Very strong. Een soort van liefde is a beautiful, excellent novel. Gescinska is a gifted storyteller.

Het Nieuwsblad:

Een soort van liefde is a book that often invites you to write down a quote, to underline a sentences or to use post-it’s to mark a certain page. The novel is a simple, complex love story full of philosophical wisdom.’

Dirk De Wachter:’Een soort van liefde is the ultimate proof that literature reveals the nature of love better than any scientific publication. Gescinska storms Dutch literature with a literary stunner.’

Flanders Today: Een soort van liefde is a clever and profound novel filled with vivid, lingering descriptions and provocative thoughts. At its heart are faith and choices that aren’t always ours to make, inviting readers to question their own expectations when it comes to love.’