De verovering van de vrijheid (The Conquest of Freedom, 2011)

De verovering van de vrijheid is partly a revision of my master’s dissertation, though it also greatly differs from it. I've been puzzled and intrigued by freedom for almost as long as I can remember, ever since I was a child and we fled from communist Poland to Belgium. In The Conquest of Freedom I tell the story of our escape to the free world, the difficulties we encounter while trying to build a new life and the price we had to pay for freedom. I combine this personal story with an attempt at obtaining a better understanding of the complex thing that freedom is. Even though probably everybody has an opinion about freedom and thinks he knows what freedom means, it is very difficult to define. Why is freedom both a blessing and a burden? Why is often a false promise? Why do politicians so often use and abuse the term? And why is freedom not merely about what one is allowed to do, but also about what one is capable of doing? It is these and other questions I try to answer.

  • Awarded the biyearly prize of for the best non-fiction book of 2011-2012.
  • Nominated for the Socrates Wisselbeker 2012.
  • Nominated for the Liberales Boek 2012.

About The Conquest of Freedom:

De Morgen: ‘Gescinska stands out by her great erudition, intelligence and enthusiasm.’

Het Nieuwsblad: ‘Gescinska makes a philosophical matter accessible without giving in to populist sales techniques. De verovering van de vrijheid is a scientific work, and yet understandable for a wider audience.’

Metro: ‘A sincere and highly readable plea for people to do good and for not giving in to moral relativism.’

Sophia Magazine: ‘A thought-provoking book about the different meanings of freedom and how to conquer it, about giving meaning to life and what a good life is. One of the most valuable books I have ever read.’

Erwin Mortier: ‘Everybody should have read De verovering van de vrijheid

De verovering van de vrijheid was nominated fort he Socrates Wisselbeker for the best Dutch/Flemish book of philosophy, the Liberales Book of the Year, and was awarded the two-yearly prize for the best non-fiction book 2011-2012 by